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Rooter Services

It doesn't matter what line of business you're in, whether the restaurant, retail, health or some other industry entirely – a plumbing emergency can mean lost productivity and lost revenue. This is especially true if your facility has to close temporarily while a plumbing issue is fixed. When it comes to commercial plumbing service, no one is more experienced at serving businesses well than RDC. From a small toilet leak to backed-up sewer lines and emergency flooding, our plumbers can handle whatever plumbing trouble your company may face.


Commercial plumbing and HVAC requires a much broader set of tools, talent, and expertise than plumbing or air conditioning alone, in order to meet the demands and provide industrial-grade products, construction, service, value and reliability for state of the art commercial plumbing and HVAC solutions. Our responsibility as your commercial plumbing and HVAC company is to ensure the integrity and functionality of the work and all its components.


Our people, our process, and our final product are the reason we are the commercial plumbing and HVAC contractor of choice among our longtime customers.

  • We know you want a commercial plumbing and HVAC company with everything it takes to provide the very best value for your project.
  • We invite you to explore the option to select Redman's Drain Cleaning as your commercial plumbing and HVAC contractor.
  • Our expert and the meticulous estimating department will provide a quote we both can count on from start to finish and beyond.
  • Just call Michael Turner at (251) 605-8962 for further information and a no-obligation estimate or to discuss your project.


Camera Inspection


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Leak Detection


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Line Location


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Other Services


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We Provide Top-level Drain Cleaning Services