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Residential Plumbing Services


All plumbers are not equal. As a homeowner, you want to rely on a professional plumber for honest, professional advice on all types of drain cleaning and plumbing services.

Dishwashers are one of the best inventions for your home. Sometimes, though, the dishwasher may not operate properly due to problems with the water supply or drain line connections. Specifically, the following problems can occur:

► If the water supply line is clogged or kinked, the dishwasher may not receive the correct amount of water to clean your dishes.

► Sometimes the dishwasher’s drain lines can become clogged with food or other debris.

► If the sink’s drain is clogged, dirty water from the dishwasher will not drain properly and can become trapped inside the appliance.

Kitchen drains clog over time. They run slower and slower as greases, soaps, fats and detergents build up on the inner walls of the pipes and eventually cause a blockage. A Redman’s Drain Cleaning service technician who specializes in kitchen plumbing services will use a Redman’s Drain Cleaning sink machine to cut through the clog and remove all debris. So the next time you experience a clogged kitchen drain, you know who to call.

Redman’s Drain Cleaning is also able to assist you with drain cleaning in every part of your home. For example:

  • Bathrooms drain cleaning. From showers and tubs clogged with hair and soap build up to sinks filled with toothpaste and other grime, bathrooms present their own challenge when it comes to draining cleaning. In addition, toilet drains are sometimes overwhelmed with toilet paper and other items. Redman’s Drain Cleaning has all the equipment necessary to solve each challenge.

  • Basement and utility room drain cleaning. Floor drains are common in basements and laundry rooms, and can also be found in garages, patios, driveways and bathrooms. These drains are equipped with a trap that should be kept filled with water to prevent odor and sewer gas from escaping. Dirt and debris can clog floor drains but Redman’s Drain Cleaning can open them quickly to restore good drainage.


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