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Line Location

Redman's Drain Cleaning can help you locate all of the underground lines on your property. Locating underground water, gas and drain lines is something best left in the hands of specialists.


As part of our commitment to service our customers, we offer a full range of line locating services. We don’t just rely on guesswork as some companies do, we rely on cutting edge technology and our extensive experience in the field of line location and leak detection. 


So even if your pipeline is located several feet underground our line locating equipment allows us to pinpoint the exact location and depth of your underground lines. Our plumbers are highly trained and qualified to work in this field and our commitment to customer service is second-to-none. 


Redman's Drain Cleaning does this with a focus on minimizing interruption to your home or business while offering a full range of plumbing services. Contact our office today and schedule a free in-home consultation for more information on our line location and leak detection services.

We Provide Top-level Drain Cleaning Services